COVID-19 Housing Protection Legislation & Housing Justice Action

About the map:

Housing Protection Legislation

Where officials have passed (or tenants are working to pass) housing protection legislation during the COVID-19 crisis.

Submit housing protection legislation for locations outside of the United States.

Submit housing protection legislation for locations within the United States.

Few protections in place
Some protections in place
Many protections in place
Stripes indicate expired protections

Housing Justice Action

Where housing justice actions are occurring or have occurred.

Fill out to submit information about: Organizing, resistance, and mutual aid in the form of rent strikes, housing reclamation, solidarity work, squats, and more. Also fill out if you are looking for solidarity and resources to help cancel rent.


Here are some resources to help if you are in need.

Resources and demands from Right To The City Alliance and Homes For All.

Resources and demands from the European Action Coalition for the Right to Housing.

Rent Strike resources for #CancelRent.